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Facing the Road on Festival of Migrant Film

Facing the Road on Festival of Migrant Film

Fighting for what one believes in requires difficult choices. It can also take unimaginable courage to face life-changing consequences. Hakim Asnabla from Marocco grew up believing in freedom, democracy and equality. Because of these beliefs he joined a student movement struggling for free education. Because of his involvement he was taken to jail twice and...
Youth Reflecting "European Dream" Youth Exchange

Youth Reflecting “European Dream” Youth Exchange

Participants from Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands and Northern Ireland met in May in Slovenia. One week long event took them on a journey to contemplate on meaning of EU on their lives, they deepened their level of understanding of national and European identities and reflected the consequences of EU crises on their lives and their...
A European Dream - Youth Exchange

A European Dream – Youth Exchange

“A European dream” is a youth exchange project developed by young people, through which we wish to trace the beginning and the development of the idea of Europe and European values through history and current geopolitical events. Through our individual studies and media research we realized that this is knowledge a European citizen should necessarily be equipped with,...